Creative Debuts will launch The Anti Art Fair at Copeland Park in Peckham this October.

The new Fair aims to disrupt the traditional art world, with over 50 international artists exhibiting across two showrooms and a satellite workshop venue around the corner at Peckham Springs.

In a statement about the accessibility of the art world, not a single artist is being charged to exhibit.

In the Creative Debuts Showroom, the hosts have selected 30 emerging artists from across the world to take on the topic of identity. This will be a London debut for many of the artists and a wide range of styles and mediums will be in the room.

The second showroom features the Nasty Women International Feminist Allstars, curated by NYC based The Elijah Wheat Showroom. The global feminist movement will present 21 international stars of feminist art in a thought-provoking exhibition.

Visitors can expect to see works from artists and designers who are disillusioned with the status quo –  making bold, progressive statements with immersive installations and feminist and LGBT art.

The nearby satellite venue will be hosted alongside the award-winning The Other Box and aims to be an educational hub with daily workshops, talks, panel discussions and zine fairs.

Calum Hall, Co-Founder of hosts Creative debuts, said:

“The Anti Art Fair is a celebration of creativity and a call for greater diversity in the arts. We are frustrated by how incredible artists remain undiscovered due to the inaccessibility of the traditional art world. We want to blow that door open for them and hope that this new Fair can be the start of real change in the sterile industry.”

Carolina Wheat-Nielsen, Co-Founder of Elijah Wheat Showroom, said:

“The Anti Art Fair is artist-driven, rather than gallery-centric, and presents an alternative platform for engaging with art. The Elijah Wheat Showroom will highlight socially conscientious, activist and underrepresented artists with political agendas that buck the status quo. We are teamed up with some Nasty Women and will exhibit artwork together with a goal of sharing our voices, pushing boundaries, expanding artistic mediums, and igniting radical change within the world.

Leyya Sattar, Co-Founder of The Other Box, said:

“Our mission is to increase diversity in the creative industries and so this partnership makes so much sense for us. The event is a stark contrast to the frequently sterile and exclusive, commercially-driven art world. We’re committed to ensuring that art is representative of the diverse society we live in today.”

You can book tickets for the Fair now at

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